Dry Cleaning / New Long Leg (LP) [Totebag Set]
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Dry Cleaning / New Long Leg (LP) [Totebag Set]

¥4,010 税込



■LP (with Tote Bag)- 2500 JYP ■Shipping Cost - 1510 JPY International E-packet to UK about 7 days / 700g ■total : 4010 JPY This is pre-order. Tote Bag Set will be released on 24th December. -------------------------- Artist : Dry Cleaning Title : New Long Leg Format : LP 4AD0254LPTOTE A1. Scratchcard Lanyard A2. Unsmart Lady A3. Strong Feelings A4. Leafy A5. Her Hippo B1. New Long Leg B2. John Wick B3. More Big Birds B4. A.L.C B5. Every Day Carry